Monday, August 15, 2011

30 days of work in the home

If you are married, coordinate your work with that of your husband!

Imagine two beautiful horses pulling a lovely carriage. If one horse pulls one way and the other horse pulls in the opposite direction, what will happen to the carriage? It will fail to reach its destination at best, or it will tip over and be destroyed, at worst.

Of course, we are people, and not horses, and our work is more important than pulling carriages. Still, the illustration helps us think of what happens when a couple is not pulling together in life in the same direction.

For your work as home manager to be most effective, you need to work within your husband's leadership and by his side. Here are some ideas to help you be in sync with your husband's work.

1) Is there a special time of day when you and your husband most enjoy relaxed time together? Keep this time as special as you possibly can and strive to do your work at other times. During this time, it's best not to have large appliances making noise or to jump up and down to do this remembered task or that remembered task. Some happy time relaxing in each other's company is good for both of you..
2) Take a few moments on Sat. Sunday or Monday to pray about your upcoming week together. Coordinate your schedules. If you just can't fit this in weekly, try doing it monthly.
3) Talk to your husband before making concrete plans that would involve him or affect him in some way.
4) Ask your husband if there is anything he would like you to do today or this week. Also ask him if there is anything on his heart that he'd like you to pray about.
5) Take an interest in his work and his hobbies.
6) Talk about your goals in life.
7) Learn from other couples but don't negatively compare your husband to another man or expect that your relationship with your husband will be just like someone else's.

Happy Home Keeping!