Friday, May 6, 2011

Thirty Days of Work in the Home --

Love is in the Details....

1) Develop systems for remembering people's names, birthdays, and other important events.
2) Write letters of encouragement, as well as thank-you notes and bread and butter notes. Not only do this in your personal life, but also write letters of appreciation to stores, companies, and services that provide you with outstanding products and service.
3) Don't be afraid to tackle hard conversations, such as negotiating a price for services or talking to a store manager about an inferior product or dealing with a customer for your home business who simply won't be satisfied. However, keep your speech politely firm. Don't be harsh and don't let the encounter degenerate into an argument. If the conversation's going nowhere, re-group and try again at some later point or pursue another avenue of doing business.
4) Take care of little messes, tears, or spots before they become bigger messes.
5) Keep a detailed calendar and refer to it often. One calendar is better than trying to keep separate calendars for separate things. The only exception is that you might also keep a general family calendar, on which everyone in the family can see whet his happening that week.
6) Neat hair, a neat purse, and neat shoes, combined with a smile, will go a long way toward giving you an overall neat and professional appearance. Your work day will go better if you attend to a few little details of your appearance. This is true even if you spend all day in the home.
7) If you are working on a project and find that one piece isn't working as you planned, re-do it before going on to the next part. Taking too many short-cuts can sabotage your finished work. For example, if you are sewing, and you miss-sew a seam, it's better to pick it out and re-sew than to forge on and try to make it work. If you are a perfectionist who takes forever to finish a project, however, you may reach a point where it is time to move on even if something isn't just perfect. The happy-go-lucky among us may need to check our work often and re-do that which needs more attention. The perfectionists among us need to learn when "well enough" truly is "well enough".

Happy Home Keeping.

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