Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thirty Days of Work in the Home -- Day XI

Make Grocery Shopping and Menu Planning Easier

1) If you have an android phone, check out Our Groceries. This free application lets you add items to your grocery list in a second. Not only that, but if you and other family members carry android phones, each of you can add to the list so that the other person will see it. In this way, you can synchronize your lists.
2) Check out All You for a list of daily freebies that you can register for. The site also provides coupons, articles about saving money, and recipes. You might consider ordering the magazine All You, if you think that the coupons in each issues will not only pay for the subscription price, but save you a little extra money, as well.
3) Follow blogs in which the bloggers have done the work of finding out what grocery sales and coupons are best in your area. For example, Southern Savers and Faithful Provisions are geared to the area where I live.
4) Make a menu and a list. You can be flexible with your list if you get to the grocery store and see an exceptionally good deal or some unexpected item that seems especially appealing. However, you will save money if you work from a fixed plan rather than just selecting what seems good to you at the moment.
5) If you tend to grab little things that seem as if they don't cost much money, take a look at your cart before you check out and ask yourself if you really want each extra thing you have put in your buggy. Even little items can add up to take a big bite out of your grocery budget. Stores know how to arrange little things so that they will catch your eye and cause you to think, "Oh, I could use that." Before buying, be sure that you really want or need something that is marketed to you in this way.

Happy Home Keeping

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