Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some practical exercises --

1) Read the book of Ruth. Examine what makes her a woman of virtue.
2) If you have a pet, consider the following, if you haven't already done so:
a) Choose a convenient place to store all of your pet supplies.
b) Gather up all of your pet's accessories and organize them in the newly designated pet area.
c) Get rid of broken or unused pet toys, rusty leashes, old or broken crates or cages, and any items left from a deceased pet that you are not using for a current pet. (Holding on to clutter from an old pet won't bring your pet back.)
d) Mark on your calendar when you need to take a pet in for shots or an examination.
e) Mark on your calendar when you need to administer things like flea medicine, heart worm medicine, etc. Mark a day every month for the rest of the year if you give monthly meds.
f) Toss food or treats that you pet won't eat or that have passed their freshness date. Check pet meds as well.
g) Wash pet bowls, water dispensers, clean aquariums and cages, etc.
h) If you have a bathable pet, bathe him and clean his collar.
i) check the condition of your pet's sleeping area. Wash what needs washing; toss waht needs tossing
j) If you have a cat with a litter box or if you use one of those new dog training mats, wasth them thoroughly.
k) Organize pet records. Store your vet's number in a handy place. Make note if there is an all-night emergency vet in your area and jot down that number, as well.
l) If you plan to travel with your pet this year, find out what you will need and have that ready. This especially applies if you will be either flying with your pet or moving it to a new home.


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely blog along with your other blogs. I so enjoy your posts. Best Regards, Melinda