Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Management -- an inside job

Thought for the day: Eating slowly and peacefully is good for your health and also helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Housework as a Tool: Denise Schofield from "Confessions of an Organized Homemaker."

"Don't sit around waiting for your mood to change. Act differently first, then your mood will follow along. You can act yourself into feeling differently.

"What you need to do is to put housework in its proper perspective. view it as a tool to help you get waht you want. don't visualize yourself as a dismal failure. Instead, visualize yourself lying down every night with a peaceful feeling, knowing that your work has been done well. You awaken to a house that is in order. The washing has already been sorted and pretreated. The dishwasher or sink is empty and you know what you're going to fix for dinner that night. While you are busy with your morning duties, you are rarely interrupted, because your family can easily find the things they need.

You'll even be more effective and cooperative at work when you walk out of a smooth-running home int he morning. Your mind is free to focus on business project when it's not hampered by whisperings of 'don't forget' or 'I should have".

Sure, things will spill and cars won't start. There will still be life's little emergencies and unexpected interruptions...But even with setbacks, you'll be in better shape than the depressed soul who awakens realizing there is no milk for breakfast; you have no clean clothes for work; and Michael can't find his shoes for school!...

"You can become a happier, more cheerful you. How? keep the vision of the "all together" you in your mind. You have to see yourself succeeding before you ever will. If your mind has a positive goal, your body will follow along...

"Make up your mind right now that it really is possible to become the person in your dreams. Remember, success starts the very minute you do. Put to use some new ideas and you will see your drudgery turn into pleasure."

Practicals, Bathroom organization:

1) Keep at least some of your makeup in a bag rather than in a container or drawer. Have a bag of frequently used items that you can easily pack for a trip or take with you for some other reason.
2) Makeup and toiletry companies offer multiple products that accomplish the same thing. Think carefully before simply buying everything. For example, rather than buying both a base coat and a top coat for your nails, find one product that serves both purposes. Don't be dazzled by the many, many products in one line of cosmetics. Ask yourself if one product will do.

Note: I personally think that you do need a separate shampoo and conditioner, rather than relying on a product that promises to do both. I feel that you need something to get your hair clean, particularly if it is fine in texture, and then moisturize it with a conditioner. I don't think one product can do a good job at both things. However, this depends on your hair washing routine. Some people, especially those with very curly hair, do conditioner only washes. You may find that one product works for you.

Likewise, you do need a moisturizer for your face and a separate body lotion. The skin on your face and the skin on your body are different. There are more oil glands concentrated in the face.

3) If you keep an extra stock of toiletries and bathroom paper goods on hand, resist the urge to open something new from your stock before finishing the last of what you are currently using. A new bottle always seems more alluring than one which has about a third to an eight of product left in it. But, use that last bit! This will save you the clutter of having too many items opened at one time, as well as money since you will use up your products.

4) When you store things in your bathroom, group like things together. Put perfumes together, deodorants together, toothpaste and brushes together, shampoos and conditioners together, etc. This will make things easier to find.

5) Investigate all of the lovely options for bathroom storage that are available these days.

NOTE: Do you have medicines, vitamins, or toiletries that are out of date? Purge your stash at least every six months. Put a date on your calendar to do so.

Happy Home Keeping!

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