Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The heart of her husband trusts in her...growing in character

Thoughts for the Day...

On being orderly in mind and orderly in schedule: "Organized people think organized thoughts and that's why they use words like always and never. You would not hear an organized person say sometimes, usually, sort of, or 9:30-ish. Organized people have their minds set on just about everything. They don't guess, they don't try, they don't wait, they just do it. Things are cut and dried in the world of the organized." by the Slob Sisters.

Importance of Homemaking: "I am accountable for creating a climate of love, peace, joy, beauty, abundance, health, and order in my home. I am raising responsible citizens of the United States of America. What do you do?" by the Slob Sisters.

On how we view the past and present: It's never too late to be what you might have been. George Eliot

Developing Trustworthiness as a Keeper at Home:

We encourage our husbands (and other people in our lives, not to mention feeling happier in our own skins) when we are trustworthy in certain areas:

1) We demonstrate consideration for our husband and others when we are diligent in time management. When we are able to complete tasks on time and to be on time, we make life more pleasant and smooth for ourselves and for others.

One key to being considerate with our time lies in how we think. Timely people tend to think in an orderly fashion. They are definite about their plans and goals. They internalize good scheduling. People -- like me -- who struggle with time management are reluctant to commit to definite times and schedules and goals. We would rather take life as it comes and see how things turn out. We also don't want to disappoint anyone, so we are reluctant to say, "No, I cannot do that," and we take on more than we can handle and just hope it gets done.

A little flexibility is a good thing. We who are time-management challenged will stop and smell our roses! We will also nearly kill ourselves trying to do what you want us to do. But, when we allow ourselves to think and speak in vague terms -- I might; when I get around to it; maybe; let's meet around noonish; I'll try to get that done -- we fail to make concrete steps to manage our time. We do not do ourselves or our husbands or anyone else any favors by being indefinite in thought and action.

The woman who is trustworthy with her time makes her home pleasant for her husband and for herself. She also encourages her relationships by promptness.

2) We show love to our husbands, children, and others when we grow in our emotional maturity. If every small crisis throws us off, we will not be able to function in our relationships.

The mature woman understands that life presents challenges and even troubles, but she meets those with faith, determination, and hope. She is able to graciously work through emotional conflict with others. She nurtures a peaceful heart. She does not seek instant gratification but is able to wait and to work patiently.

The emotionally mature woman is not contentious toward her husband or rebellious to God's plans. She is at peace. She does not envy other women, but is happy to be the woman God made her to be. She knows how to strive for improvement without falling into dejection over where she is now. She is responsive to God's leading and is quick to confess her sins and faults. She is also able to accept forgiveness. She entrusts yesterday, today, and tomorrow to the Lord, and she focuses her attention on what she can do today.

She does not throw fits when things don't go her way, but she entrusts her circumstances to God and works to better the things she can. The mature woman knows that love is a choice, and she chooses to love even when her feelings may pull her to be selfish. In fact, one of the greatest signs of emotional maturity is the diminishing of selfishness in her nature and the growth of unselfish love.

A woman who is emotionally mature herself draws out the best in her husband and others.

3) The trustworthy woman is trustworthy with her tongue. She does not betray her husband's secrets. She does not gossip. She is not rude. She does not nag. She knows how to state her convictions with graciousness. She understands when it is time to speak and when it is time to be silent.

Mastering the tongue is one of the most challenging things in life. The woman who has learned to speak well-timed, fitting words is a true encouragement to those around her. A husband can delight in the woman who has the law of kindness written on her tongue.

4) The woman who is trustworthy treats her marriage as a holy thing. She also treats the marriage of others as holy and gives honor to those who are living a holy and single life. Her husband can trust her to be faithful not just in action, but in thought. She does not compare what her life might have been like if she had married another man or if she had never married. She does not indulge in fantasies of the perfect man. She cultivates a devout love of God and an appreciation for her husband in her thoughts. She chooses wholesome entertainment. Life may present her with opportunities to let her thoughts wander, but she chooses instead to fix them on things that are pure, true, and lovely.

5) The woman who is trustworthy does her husband good not harm all the days of his life. She prays for him daily. She thinks how she can serve him as she would serve Christ. (Note: women sometimes hear this as a put down to women, but, in truth, we are all called to love others the way Christ loved us. Christ did not come to be served, though that was his right in every way. He came to serve. We follow his example and trust God to lift us up.) The trustworthy woman is careful with her husband's reputation. If she seeks advice about her marriage or about something in her husband's life, she does so discreetly. She speaks well of her husband to others. She remembers that she is encouraged when well spoken of, and she extends her husband that same respect and courtesy.

The woman who is not married can grow in these qualities, as well, for they help all relationships. Every woman creates some type of home life around her and some type of atmosphere about her as she goes out and about. A woman of great character exudes a lovely, homely atmosphere even if she occupies a tiny work cubicle for most of the day.

The wife who keeps growing in great character is a wonderful blessing to her husband. Rather than weighing him down, he feels that she lifts him up. The woman of great character sows seeds of love that will reap a harvest in some way.

Happy Home Keeping!


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