Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home Management: Learn from good managers

In managing our homes, we can learn from managers in the corporate world. Some of us may even have honed management skills in a job outside the home. Others of us may learn by talking with good managers or through reading.

What are some helps that the most effective managers have in common? There are many, but here are a few I thought of:

1) A clear focus which is communicated through a mission statement and a business plan.
2) Oftentimes, a mentor.
3) A wardrobe that is suitable for the manager's work environment.
4) The ability to allocate time, resources, and personnel to accomplishing goals.
5) The ability to break down large projects into smaller steps and set times for each goal to be completed.
6) Continuing education through books, seminars, classes, or through tackling new responsibilities. Continually learning how to be more effective.
7) Good people skills. The ability to see strengths in other people and to nurture those strengths. The ability to form a team mindset among people who are working together on a project.

What might this look like for the woman who wants to manage her home with skill and love?

1) She could think about what her dream is for her home and family. She could express that dream in a short statement of some kind and pray about and re-read that statement from time to time to help her stay on track.
2) She could find mentors by learning from women who excel in creating loving and godly homes.
3) She could build a simple wardrobe of garments that make her feel attractive, that are suitable for working at home and also running errands or having a cup of coffee with someone, and that are modest.
4) She can think through her schedule and allocate her time and resources well. She can train her children to do their share of household tasks.
5) She can break big chores or projects into simple steps and plan how and when to accomplish those steps.
6) She can continue to train herself to excel in loving her home and family through reading the Bible and books about homemaking and by interacting with other women who can offer her tips or training. She can take classes in crafts, sewing, cooking, etc.
7) She can pray about the members of her family and learn how to inspire them by her words, actions, and example.

Happy Home Keeping!

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