Friday, February 25, 2011

Home Management: How I divided areas of my responsibility in home

In one sense, I don't like to break down my life at home into areas of managerial responsibility. It seems a little cold and business like.

On the other hand, my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach hasn't worked that well. Not having a clear overall picture of the various needs in my household means that I concentrate on the things I like and neglect the things I don't enjoy taking care of. It also means that I often focus on little bitty details that could wait and miss the larger picture of what urgently needs to be done in the moment.

We can see from the example of the woman in Proverbs 31 that she looked well to the ways of her household. I think that at least part of this had to do with her keen sense of faithfulness to all of her endeavors. She had in her mind the things she needed to accomplish to make her household run well, and she oversaw them carefully. She took care of all the needs of her family and did not neglect any area.

A good home manager may or may not be the best cook in town or the pickiest house cleaner. She may or may not spend a lot of her time shuttling children to various classes. But, she sees that all needs are sufficiently met. She knows where to put her time and when.

In keeping with yesterday's approach, I jotted down a plan of responsibilities based on my current situation in life. If you are in another stage of life than I am, your list will look different than mine.

I am placing my list in a plastic folder, along with my other goals. So, far, we've written a mission statement for keeping a home and determined what areas of the home that we manage.
Another good sheet to put in a home management folder or notebook is an inventory of your and your family member's current clothing, along with sizes, measurements, and a list of things you need.

Focus areas

A. Relationship with God

B. Relationship with husband

    1. companionship

    2. help in his business and church responsibilities

    3. provide relaxing, healthful environment

    4. keep self attractive and healthy

C. Relationship with children and their spouses

D. Relationships with people at church, other relationships – really love 12 people

E. Clothing – selection, repair, laundry, neat closets

F. Steward of physical house and possessions, maintain inventory

G. Use home for hospitality, ministry

H. Outreach, serving people outside family, giving to those in need

I. Take care of elderly parent – companionship, health, finances

J. Errands, paperwork,

K. My writing career – revive

L. Food, nutrition

M. Flower beds, front door area, windows, etc.

N. My character, hobbies, development of skills, etc.

O. Thriftiness, prudence, frugality

P. Atmosphere in home – creative warm, welcoming enviornment

Q.. Love!!!!

Happy Home Keeping

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