Friday, February 18, 2011

Home Management: Dressing for the Home

Check out My Capsule Wardrobe for a slide show of how an image consultant put together her own wardrobe. She uses 15 basic pieces in pretty, feminine colors to come up with a great number of outfits. She uses both skirts and pants. If you wear skirts only, you can substitute skirts in all the pants ensembles. Likewise, the tops shown in this slide show would also work with longer-length skirts if you prefer your skirts to come down to calf-length or below.

I personally enjoy this example because it shows me how to put together clothes that are flattering to my skin tone. If these aren't your colors, you can always adapt.

Remember, the advantages of keeping our wardrobe pared down to a certain number of essentials are that

1) By buying fewer garments, we save money that can be spent on other things -- including giving to those in need.
2) By saving money on quantity, we can spend more on quality.
3) Having fewer garments makes us think in terms of acquiring clothes that coordinate and that fit our lifestyle. When it comes time to get dressed, we can easily choose something that is appropriate and attractive. This saves us from standing in front of a jam-packed closet and still feeling that we have nothing to wear.
4) It is easier to keep our closets neat and to keep our clothing in good shape if we don't cram our closets full. It's best to give each garment a little room on the closet rack, rather than having to stuff it into place. (I have some closet cleaning to do!!)
5) Saving money by having a compact wardrobe of timeless clothes, shoes, and bags means we will have a little left over to spend on a few inexpensive, fun items. These fun items can be tossed when worn out or when passing out of fashion.

Tip: When determining where to hem your skirts, take the mirror test. Stand with your legs together. You will notice that there are two open spaces, one right below the knees and one below your calves. A hem that hits in the middle of one of these spaces is more flattering than one that hits right in the middle of your calves. Likewise, knee length hems are more flattering if they sit slightly above the widest part of your knees. (Note, this principle also holds true for capri pants.) For ankle length garments, again, avoid hitting at the widest point of your ankles.

Tip: If you don't sew and don't know how to alter clothing, you can usually have your clothing altered for a reasonable price at a good dry cleaner's. Sometimes, a little alteration makes all the difference in the look and comfortability of a garment.

Happy Home Keeping!

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