Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Management: Dressing for the Home

In my last post, I talked about building a wardrobe of at home clothing. In effect, we are creating for ourselves a home "uniform" -- clothing to wear that signals to us and to others that we are prepared for our role and happy to be about the business of managing a home. So, in light of that, what items should a home manager have in her daily wardrobe?

1) After being "out" for a while, aprons have come back into style -- and with good reason. Aprons protect our clothing while we cook, clean, garden, do crafts, paint, and perform any number of other activities in the home. Aprons are usually less expensive than our clothing and, thus, can be replaced more easily than the items they protect. Aprons are also not that complicated to sew, so women can make them as easily as buy them. My ideal "apron wardrobe" would consist of four aprons -- one for everyday cooking, one hostess apron, one for cleaning, and some type of apron or gardening jacket. However, a woman can easily make do with one sturdy apron for all four functions. Even if aprons go out of style again, I plan to keep wearing them.

2) In addition to aprons, you will need some everyday clothing. Three to seven outfits should see you through a week. If you live in a climate with distinct seasons, you will need lighter weight garments for hot weather and warmer garments during cold season. A sample summer wardrobe could be simple, pretty blouses to wear with skirts, capris, and pants in linen or a cotton blend. If you do not wear pants, skirts and simple shift dresses or shirt dresses are great choices.

You can purchase items for your at-home wardrobe, sew them, or have them sewn. Add to your wardrobe some pretty flats, a few simple accessories, a sweater or jacket, and some
well-fitting undergarments.

With this post, I've included two pictures of items that could fit into your at home wardrobe. The pretty yellow pullover dress is from Chadwick's. The skirt is from Land's End. (Note: I love having dresses in my wardrobe. But, you can get more mileage out of separates, because you can mix and match them. For example, you could wear the Land's End skirt twice in a week with two different tops, whereas you would probably not want to wear the dress more than once a week.

Remember, our goal isn't to accumulate a lot of clothing, but to have a few things that are practical, feminine, and that make us look and feel our best. Jesus' words in Matthew 6 remind me not to fret about having the perfect clothing, but to pray for my needs and trust that the Lord will meet them as He sees fit.

Happy Home Keeping!

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