Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home Management: Developing your skills

Growing as managers of our homes means that we need
to take stock of where we are now. Let's look at some things to ponder:

1) What are my strengths? What parts of making a home do I really enjoy? What do I do well?
2) What are my weaknesses? What parts of making a home do I least enjoy? What parts of making a home do I struggle with?
3) What are the strengths of my family members? How can I nurture those strengths?
4) Do I work well with my husband? Am I in sync with his direction? Are we able to talk about and set priorities together?
5) Do I depend on the Lord to build our home? Do I have a growing faith, which is expressing itself in love? Can I take my failings, worries, and insecurities to the Lord and leave them with Him, or do I worry and fret and stew? Do I brood about my failings as a home keeper, or am I at peace with the fact that I am a work in progress? l Psalm 137; I Peter Chapter 3, the book of Galatians

Other questions to ask are What training have I received so far? What was my early home life like? How does that affect the way I love and manage my home now? What opportunities has God put in my path recently? What, if any obstacles do I face? Do I have any physical limitations that need to be overcome? Am I single or a single mom or married? If I am starting out in my home keeping journey, how can I keep developing skills and talents now that may enrich my empty nest and senior years? Am I investing more in people or in things?

The Wise Woman Builds Her House...Proverbs 14:1
Unless the Lord builds the House, they labor in vain who build it. Psalm 127:1

Happy Home Keeping!

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